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Tires: wide or narrow?
This article is not to disuade you in any way to which you believe to be the better of the two. This article is merely to point out the folly of either. For the sake of argument, forget anything you may think you know about the subject. Both types are right, and also completely wrong. Each tire type has pro's and con's depending upon the vehicle type that they are used under, the application for use, and the life expectancy of the tire.
    The main controversy of the width of the tire happens in the mud pit. Wider digs more, narrower pushes less, and so on. There are several truths, and lies about both. The main factor actually depends on the truck. You do not want to put a super size on an under powered, likewise no undersize on an overpowered. Here's the actual lowdown on strategies with tire width. The typical thought is that a narrower tire does not push as much mud as a wider one. This is true. But, here's the hidden secret. The narrower tire also does not disperse the weight like a wider one either. With a heavy truck, a narrow tire will indeed sink. The weight is just not distributed across the surface of the mud. There are, however, several instances where a narrow tire is beneficial. A narrow tire does have less drag on the road than a wider tire, due primarily to the smaller contact patch with the surface. This is more helpful in a scenario where there is a solid bottom which the tire must dig to. Now on a wider tire, there is a larger contact patch which creates a softer footprint. How is this beneficial? A larger surface area means that the tire has a reduced chance of sinking. The wider contact patch distributes the weight over a wider area, which results in the tire being closer to the surface. These effects are more noticeable in a lighter truck. The wider tire does require more power to get it turning, but does not have to move as much mud as a narrower one.
SCIENCE EXPIRIMENT: For those of you new to this, give it a try.
        Take a cinder block (or any large heavy object) and set it on 2 boards in mud 1" wide x 2' long each.
        Next take that block and set it on 2 boards in the mud 3" wide x 2' long each.