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Phoenix's specs:
mass air flow calibration
Modified tri-Y manifold (fabricated into a small primary header, 1 3/8" primaries)
Flex-a-lite flex fan
Custom exhaust
7.5" gen 1 IFS (4.27:1 ratio, quik-lok locker)
8" rear with 4 link/coils (4.27:1 ratio, quik-lok locker)
W56 5 speed manual top shift (3.93:1 1st gear)
Toyota RF1-A top shift transfer case (4:1 crawl conversion)
Wheel's and Tire's:
15 x 10 chrome wagon's (spoke)
32 x 11.50 x 15 Wild Country RVT's
Suspension and steering:
'95 4runner coil/link rear
Stock torsion bars
Gabrielle gas ryder nitrogen shocks
'93 4runner gear box
custom hydraulic fittings (to accomidate 4runner box)
Optima red top battery
Headlight upgrade (sealed beam HO)
pair 3" x 5" HID under bumper
pair 6" round Eagle Eye's on bar
pair KC reverse lights in rear
GPS navigation system
XM satellite radio
AM/FM/CD/MP3 in dash stereo w/ digital audio capability
Uhf radio (450-490 mhz)
CB radio
Remote under carriage lighting
Custom electrical curcuit isolation junction
Wears (that's pronounced, "we-erz") custom chassis
21 gal. 4runner fuel tank (custom modified)
custom lengthened fuel lines
custom lengthened brake lines
modified 4runner parking brake
modified 4runner fuel assy.
custom fuel filler tube
modified 4runner fuel sending unit
custom wiring in rear chassis half
The walking truck?...........
After a successful clean up on Johnson's Island, word spread of the "walking truck". What this meant was the truck was driving itself. Not too unusual for those of us who build our rigs to do so. But, for those whom have never seen a truck "walk" it's quite a spectacle. Many island residents were amuzed at the fact a truck can drive by itself and not gain or lose speed. Especially when it's a manual. "Why do it?" one may ask. Simple, to cover more ground. You ever try to pick trash up over a mile stretch without a vehicle? Long walk, especially back to the truck. It was this that gained many questions, a few followers, and multiple observers. Due to it's individualistic style, it has a possible entry to next years memorial day parade. Flying our banner of course. Maybe by then it will have a leash?