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4cyl, or v8?
This article is not so much about which is better, but to help with a decision process. What engine you choose for your rig can make or break its performance. Of course a 4 banger is not a good choice for a full size. But, it works extremely well in a compact. This is to help those out there with a compact, or a light rig of some sort. A 4 cylinder has the benefit of having plenty of torque, without alot of weight. This is in fact a reference to another article. Weight can work against you in an off-road course. To assist in balancing the weight to power ratio, one can use a 4 cylinder to lower the weight. The typical way of thinking generally leads to "4 cylinders have no power". With the explosion of popularity for 4 cylinders in the aftermarket, parts for upgrades are readily accessable. For reference (to those stuck on the old way of thinking) a small engine is capable of large amounts of horsepower. There is several benefits from this. You will increase the horsepower, while decreasing weight. Although, on the other side of the fence. A large engine, such as a V8, requires very little to have power. They are easily accessable in junk yards. But, with the increased size comes increased weight. This is where functionality should play a role in your thinking. At this day in age, gas is nearly $3 a gallon. If your running a compact truck, with a 4 cylinder, fuel economy is not only probable but possible. If your rig is dedicated, then a choice is harder to make. Usually a vast majority of your decisions should rely on where, and how, you drive your truck. If your truck is a daily driver, fuel economy is probably your goal. It is not completely unheard of to pull 500 horsepower from a 4 cylinder, and keep 25 miles per gallon. But, one thing to remember is that it usually costs more per horse on a 4 cylinder. If it is raw power you need, then a V8 is the key. But for daily multiple task use, a 4 cylinder would be best.