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All these doors! What's the point?
Half doors, tube doors, composite doors, canvas doors, removeable doors, and web doors. A vast array of door styles, and uses as colorful as a rainbow. Each different style was designed with specific purposes in mind. It is common for the styles to find their way into random different uses than intended, due to the style factor. A multitude of people purchase the various types of doors, with only style in mind. Most find them decorative at best. Your choice will more than likely follow suite, without the slightest idea why it was made in the first place. Well now, consider yourself educated in the matter.
Half doors are intended to be used like a conventional door, but with greater visability. It will perform just like its full size counterpart in keeping water from flowing onto the floor below the window opening. Its intention was that of, the driver has the ability to lean out farther to view the line of travel. This is helpful in rock crawling. But, is more cosmetically appealing than most if its counterparts. This type of door is most common on street driven rigs, due to it is the most legal. It will effectively keep your legs and feet inside the vehicle at all times. This type is more appealing due to its resemblance to the full size door.
Tube doors are inteded for hardcore off-road vehicles. It consists of 2 tubes just above the waist to hold the driver in, but will not restrict foot movement. Not every state will allow this type on the street, due to the hazards involved. Anything on the floor, will become on the street. Any mud or water WILL come in, without any resolve. These are made with visibility in mind, and are the near minimum required for safety.
Composite doors are more for weight purposes. There are several styles, but all are to lighten a rigs weight. These are not recommended for street use, due to they do not resist impact as well as steel doors. Improvements are coming, and eventually they will be just as safe. These also match the body of the rig they're for, but are composite.
Canvas doors are typically only found on jeep style vehicles. There are safety measures in place on the surrounding body to protect the occupants. I would highly recommend, NOT using these on anything else. They are designed for the least amount of weight as possible, but keeping the occupants inside.
Removeable doors are to make quick open access possible. The intention is to facilitate the installation of one of the other types. Some states permit driving without doors. They usually have stipulations to coincide with this being legal, like some type of mirror and webbing. This will not protect you in a crash, but has maximum visability.
Web doors are just that, webbing. These are constructed from nylon webbing (like your tow strap or seatbelts). These are intended for use in conjunction with removeable doors. Once you remove the doors, states that permit driving without doors may require you to use something of this type. The idea is, that without doors you may fall out of your vehicle. This is to act like a secondary seatbelt to prevent you from exiting unintentionally. This also has terrific visibility, but not the best. Also, any open air type door will keep temperatures lower in your vehicle.
All of the door types that cover less than 20% of the original door coverage will lower inside temperatures of the cab. This is marvelous on the hotter days. But, please make sure to check with your local laws to see which types are legal where you live. Every state has different laws concerning what type of door is legal. Sometimes, it's just a matter of installing other items to make them legal (such as mirrors).